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Publish Date : - 2024/2/16
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On Tuesday, February 13, 2024, the Academic Relations and International Affairs department of Razi Institute organized a joint online meeting with Prof. Ulrich Wernery, the WOAH regional representative of the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL), and his colleagues in Dubai. This webinar brought together experts from Razi Institute, including Dr. Ali Reza Yousefi, the Head of Education, Research, and Commercialization, Dr. Mohamad Hassan Ebrahimi Jam, the Head of Animal Viral Vaccines Manufacture Department, Dr. Nader Mosavari, the Head of Animal Bacterial Diseases Research Department, Dr. Reza Aref Pajoohi, the Head of Tuberculin Production Department, and Dr. Keyvan Tadayon, the Head of Aerobic Bacterial Vaccine Production Department ,and Dr. Rainak Ghaderi, the Head of Academic Relations and International Affairs.

During the meeting, Dr. Ghaderi expressed his gratitude to all the guests and attendees and emphasized the significance of fostering mutual collaborations among the WOAH reference laboratories. He highlighted the value of leveraging the expertise of WOAH regional representatives in the production of essential vaccines.

Dr. Ebrahimi Jam commenced the webinar by extending his greetings to all the guests and attendees. He proceeded to deliver a comprehensive presentation, supported by a PowerPoint file, outlining his department's activities and responsibilities. The key points covered in his presentation were as follows:

  • An overview of the WOAH Sheep pox and Goat pox reference laboratory and Molecular unit of reference laboratory
  • Recent activities of WOAH Sheep pox and Goat pox reference laboratory
  • WOAH Sheep pox and Goat pox reference laboratory experiences and suggestions on camel pox

Next, Dr. Nader Mosavari took the floor and utilized a PowerPoint file to elucidate the activities of his department. His presentation encompassed the following key points:

  • Articles about Glanders
  •  Diagnostic kits
  • Certificates of his department
  • Laboratory methods

Professor Wernery expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the organizers of the webinar and warmly shared his nostalgic memories of past experiences at the Razi Institute. He was pleasantly surprised and deeply touched by the numerous suggestions and work projects received from the Razi Institute. He reassured the audience of his unwavering dedication to fostering a robust collaboration with the Razi Institute. This commitment entails providing the required strains and verifying the identity of samples sent by the Razi Institute to address any technical concerns. Furthermore, he expressed his sincere hope for a future opportunity to revisit the Razi Institute once again.

It was agreed that a memorandum of understanding should be signed between these two institutes to initiate collaboration, and under this memorandum, joint future work projects will be defined.

In conclusion, Dr. Ghaderi extended his heartfelt appreciation to all the guests and attendees of the webinar. He expressed his sincere desire for a highly productive collaboration of Razi Institute with both Professor Wernery and the regional representative of WOAH in Dubai.

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