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Publish Date : 14:00 - 2024/3/18
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In a groundbreaking virtual meeting on Monday March, 18th, 2024, key figures from the Razi Institute and Armenian counterparts convened to delve into potential collaboration opportunities. The distinguished participants included Dr. Alireza Yoosefi, the Director of Research, Education, and Commercialization; Dr. Rainak Ghaderi, head of Academic Relations and International Affairs; Mr. Abolfazl Maarefvand, the Director of Business Management from Razi Institute, alongside Mr. Markosyan, Director of the scientific center for risk assessment and analysis in Food Safety Area and Mr. Andriasyan, head of Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Economy representing Armenia.

Dr. Ghaderi set a collaborative tone by expressing appreciation for the virtual assembly and extending a hand for joint endeavors in vaccine export for livestock, knowledge exchange, and partnership with the Razi Institute. Mr. Marcosian illuminated Armenia's vaccine production landscape, highlighting a decline in local activities post-2007, with a significant reliance on vaccine imports from Russia.

Key proposals surfaced during the dialogue, outlining a structured approach for Armenia to formally communicate requests to the Razi Institute, share information on vaccine procurement tenders, designate a primary contact point, and exchange insights on non-FMD vaccine utilization.

The meeting concluded with a mutual commitment to bolster collaboration and streamline information exchange between the Razi Institute and Armenia, laying a solid foundation for a promising partnership in the realm of vaccine research and development.

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