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Publish Date : 08:00 - 2024/4/13
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The WOAH Biological Standards Commission reviewed the nomination of Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi-jam to replace Dr Hamid Reza Varshovi as the WOAH designated expert at the WOAH Reference Laboratory for sheep and goat pox hosted by Razi Vaccine & Serum Research Institute in Karaj, Iran.

A multitude of virtual advisory seminars were convened with the support of WOAH in fortifying and augmenting this position for helping the Reference Laboratory to provide scientific and technical assistance and expert advice on topics linked to diagnosis and control of the disease for which this Reference Laboratory is responsible.
With the earnest endeavors and persistent commitment of the Academic Relations and International Affairs Office, Deputy of Technology and Research and Director of Education, Research and Commercialization at Razi Institute, the nomination of Dr. Ebrahimi jam as designated expert for sheep pox and goat pox reference laboratory by WOAH, was accepted.
Dr. Ali Es-haghi ,the Director General of the Razi Institute, referring to the efforts and actions taken to secure the title of "International Reference" for this laboratory, stated: After the follow-ups carried out by the Razi Institute, the valuable position of the sheep and goat pox reference laboratory of this institute in the World Organization for Animal Health(WOAH) has officially been recognized once again and proudly the name of Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ebrahimi Jam (researcher at the Razi Institute and technical manager of this laboratory) alongside two other experts from England (Pirbright) and South Africa (Onderstepoort) has been listed on the website of this World organization (WAOH).
It is worth mentioning that in the last two years, by obtaining the international ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certification (Information security techniques and information security management systems for diagnostic laboratories and WOAH reference laboratories) for this laboratory, the process of solidifying the status of the sole international reference diagnostic laboratory for sheep and goat pox in the country by the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) has been accelerated.

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