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Publish Date : 14:02 - 2024/4/28
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Delegations from Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Algeria actively engaged in discussions with officials from Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute during the 6th Exhibition of Export Capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The public relations office of Razi Institute reported that on May 26th at the Tehran International Fairgrounds, African delegations expressed interest in establishing bilateral relations and fostering cooperation with Razi Institute for the utilization of medical and veterinary vaccines and products in their respective countries.

During the initial day of the event, Tanzanian officials visited Razi Institute booth. Ms. Latifa Khamis, the deputy director of Tantrade, highlighted the potential market for vaccines and biological products in Tanzania and pledged to enhance bilateral collaboration between the two nations. Further discussions will be set to schedule and deepen the partnership.

An Algerian delegation visited Razi Institute booth, focusing on enhancing mutual collaborations between the two countries in terms of vaccine and biological product imports, as well as technology transfer from  Razi Institute.

Another group of delegates from Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Sudan visited Razi Institute during the expo. Discussions on the potential markets in these countries, particularly Ethiopia, were held, with both parties agreeing to pursue further negotiations in the future.

Dr. Ali Es-haghi, the Director-General of Razi Institute, emphasized that active participation in manufacturing and increasing exports are fundamental strategies for the institute. He underscored the importance of expanding export markets, citing the Iran-Africa Expo as a valuable platform to showcase Razi Institute's offerings and engage in negotiations with participants from various nations to foster mutual cooperation and export Razi Institute's products to these regions.

Dr. Es-haghi highlighted the institute's dual focus on production and export growth during the exhibition, pointing out that African countries present a substantial market for exporting vaccines, antivenoms for snake and scorpion bites, and other medical and veterinary products from  Razi Institute. Efforts have been ongoing since last year to enhance commercial ties with countries across the continent.

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