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Publish Date : 17:00 - 2024/4/30
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Dr. Mohammad Omidi Fard the Head of the Bureau of International Agreements at the Vice -presidency for legal affairs lauded the Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute as a highly proficient organization, emphasizing that understanding Africa's needs and enhancing competitiveness are crucial elements for the Razi Institute to achieve its export objectives in trade with the continent.

As per the Razi Institute's public relations report during the sixth Iran-Africa Expo, Mohammad Omidi Fard visited the Razi Institute booth and discussed in different fields with Dr. Ali Es-haghi, the institute's Director General. Commending the institute's significant presence and influential role at the exhibition, Omidi Fard stressed the importance of strategic planning, road mapping, and a thorough understanding of Africa's requirements to sustain and further develop interactions with African countries.

Highlighting the significance of adhering to transit regulations, supply chain protocols, and comprehending prevalent diseases in Africa, Omidi Fard underscored these factors as instrumental in advancing the institute's objectives and initiatives. He praised the Razi Institute for its extensive capabilities, knowledge, and experience, expressing confidence that leveraging these resources would enable successful trade relations with Africa.

Furthermore, Omidi Fard addressed the financial constraints African nations face, emphasizing the need to explore alternative financing mechanisms to facilitate commercial interactions with Africa. He also underscored the importance of enhancing competitiveness in commercial sectors, particularly with foreign and European markets, cautioning against potential market challenges posed by Western countries offering similar products at lower prices. To navigate this competitive landscape, Omidi Fard recommended that the Razi Institute focus on delivering high-quality products, optimizing supply chains, and reducing operational costs to create a competitive ground necessary for penetrating target markets effectively.

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