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Publish Date : 18:00 - 2024/5/1
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Mr. Morad Khan Ahmadi the representative of the "2World Traders Inc. ,managed by Mr. Abdul Razzaq Siddiq(CEO), “in Iran has called for the production of specialized anti-venom therapeutic sera by Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute for the country of the Philippines.

As reported by the public relations office of the Razi Institute, during the 6th Iran-Africa Expo 2024, Morad Khan Ahmadi responded an invitation from the Razi Institute to initiate negotiations, coordinate for potential collaborations and explore avenues for mutual cooperation

Khan Ahmadi expressed, "Given the high quality of therapeutic sera manufactured at Razi Institute, 2World Traders Inc.' is in talks with Razi officials with a request for the production of anti-venom sera for the Philippines, utilizing the venom of snakes from this country."

Dr. Es-haghi, the director general of Razi Institute, highlighted the implementation of joint projects with target countries and the transfer of technical knowledge as one of the institute's key objectives. He stated, "The opening of new export markets and technology transfer to other countries is on the agenda of this institute’s international affairs.

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