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Fowl cholera Vaccine (Pasteurellosis)
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Fowl cholera Vaccine (Pasteurellosis)
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Pasteurella multocida Serotype A : 1                4-5 ×10⁹/ml
Formaldehyde 37%                                                0.4 - 0.5%
Aluminum hydroxide                                0.15%
This vaccine has been tested for purity, sterility, safety and potency in accordance with OIE manuals.
For active immunization against fowl cholera in chicken, turkey, duck and goose.
Administration and Dosage:

  • Vaccine is administered by intramuscular injection of l ml in the thigh or breast muscles.
  • Two doses are recommended in an interval of 2-4 weeks.

Contraindications and Precautions:

  • Vaccination of birds in the presence of disease or poor nutritional status should be avoided as a satisfactory immune response would not be expected in such circumstances.
  • Observe the usual aseptic measures. Shake the bottles thoroughly before use. Properly dispose the content of partially used vaccine including bottle itself after use. Make sure not to inject the vaccine in the chest cavity.

Side effects:
Store and ship at 2°C to 8°C. Boxes of 25 bottles of 100 ml each.

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