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Combined Newcastle Disease (La Sota) & Infectious Bronchitis (H-120) Vaccine 1000 , 2500 doses
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Combined Newcastle Disease (La Sota) & Infectious Bronchitis (H-120) Vaccine 1000 , 2500 doses
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(Live freeze-dried) 
For veterinary use only
This vaccine contains lentogenic La Sota strain of Newcastle disease virus and highly attenuated H-120 strain of infectious bronchitis virus (Massachusetts's serotype) propagated in SPF embryonated hen's eggs. Each dose of vaccine contains at least 106 EID50 of ND and 10 3 EID50 of IB viruses.
This vaccine is recommended for the active immunization against Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis disease in commercial flocks or house yard birds. 
Administration and Dosage:
Prescription under veterinarian instruction:
Instillation into the eye: 1000 doses of the vaccine must be reconstituted in 25 ml of sterile physiological saline solution or distilled water. Instill one drop into the eye of each bird with a standard vaccine dropper. This method is preferable as individual bird receives a complete dose of the vaccine.
Drinking water: Reconstitute the vaccine in cool, clean and free from chlorine or other disinfectant chemicals drinking water. Dilution depends on th4 age of the birds. Dilute 1000 doses in 10 liters of drinking water for birds till 10 days old. Add an extra liter for each extra day. By adding 2.5 gr skimmed milk powder per liter of water the vaccine's virus retains its activity much longer.
Spray methods: Reconstitute 1000 doses of the vaccine in 100-300 ml cooled sterile saline solution or sterile and disinfectant free distilled water, according to age of the birds and type of apparatus.
Necessary recommendation for the vaccination:

  • Vaccinate only healthy flocks.
  • It is better to vaccinate all the birds of a flock at the same time.


  • Do not mix this vaccine with any other live vaccine and the period between two different vaccinations should be taken care of.
  • Do not vaccinate birds clinically ill or weakened by transportation. 
  • Precautions:
  • Take the vaccine from official distributing network.
  • Inoculation of the vaccine after expiration date is prohibited.
  • The vaccine must be used within one or two hours after reconstitution. 
  • Deprive the birds of drinking water for 1-2 hours before vaccination. 
  • Do not expose the vaccine to direct sunlight or high temperature.
  • In flocks affected with mycoplasma or with bad management some respiratory reactions may occur but disappear in 2-3 days.
  • As the vials contain live virus, emptied or opened vials, with partially used or unused content must be destroyed in an appropriate way.

Side effects:
Store at 2°C to 8 °C in dark areas.
This vaccine is distributed in brown vials with identification label.

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